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Rollmassage Is Getting Very Popular During These Uncertain Times!

Rollmassage is getting very popular during these uncertain times!

During these uncertain times the interest for private beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers or gyms has grown rapidly. Why? Let us tell you why.

First of all, many of these studios are gaining popularity because they are more private, there are not so many customers allowed to enjoy services together and the environment has more controlled cleaning and disinfection procedures. Customers can keep the distance, the booking system can be set up to keep more pauses between procedures to clean the devices and surfaces.

Rollmassage is extremely popular within family members and friends to enjoy together at the same time. You can have a good procedure, training and friendly chat on the same time. Double the pleasure and double the fun 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 👭 👫 👬

Ask for the rollmassage service from your favorite spa, fitness and wellness centers or gym. It is getting more and more popular having one  or more of the rollmassage devices at your own private gym at home 🏠

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Ohana Ltd is the Certified Reseller of all Fitnesswell devices since 2017 and will help you to get the maximum of what is needed to keep your spa, wellness and fitness center or a private gym up and running 24/7.

For more details and questions please do not hesitate to contact our instructors team.

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