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Roll Magic Beauty Line – Roll Out Your Excess Weight!

Roll Magic Beauty Line – Roll out your excess weight!

Rollmassage is a proven way to shape the figure and get a smooth, supple skin. Rollmassage is based on lymphatic massage performed with wooden balusters fixed on a rotating drum. Massage reduces cellulite and allows you to burn the excess fat. The user can stimulate selected parts of the body during massage by taking a corresponding body position.

Please contact us to ask for a quotation or request for a demo or training at any of our Studios!

Roll Studio and Fitnesswell started cooperation in spring 2017 and have been working as one team ever since. Roll Studio is the Certified Reseller of all Fitnesswell devices and will help you to get the maximum of what is needed to keep your spa, wellness or fitness center up and running 24/7/365.

For more details and questions please do not hesitate to contact the Roll Studio team.

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