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Fitnesswell is the manufacturer of slimming and training equipment for spa, wellness and fitness center or a private gym. Working together with our clients we set the trends in the global markets, providing the customers with innovative and smart solutions, that help our clients gain regular customers for their services providing them fast and long lasting results. Fitnesswell devices combine many factors positively affecting the body and physique.

Fitnesswell is an experienced manufacturing company from Poland. The devices that are designed by Fitnesswell are for commercial and private use. All materials and components used are of the highest quality. All devices can be manufactured in any set of RAL colors. Fitnesswell devices are popular in many countries all around the world.

Ohana Ltd and Fitnesswell started cooperation in spring 2017 and have been working as one team ever since. Ohana Ltd is the Certified Reseller of all Fitnesswell devices and will help you to get the maximum of what is needed to keep your spa, wellness and fitness center or a private gym up and running 24/7.

For more details and questions please do not hesitate to contact our instructors team.

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