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The CRYO Arctic is designed to deliver the easiest, safest, and most effective cryotherapy treatments in the industry.

Cryotherapy is a treatment where your healthcare provider applies extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue. To create this severe cold, your provider will use a substance like liquid nitrogen.

Cryotherapy just means cold therapy.  Any time cold is used as some form of treatment, that term can be applied.

User-friendly Interface

Digital touch screen to input treatment protocols and settings.

High Quality Speakers

High quality speakers play music via Bluetooth and enable audio communication between operator and client.

Safest Device on the Market

CRYO Arctic has 100% breathable air environment.

The CRYO Penguin Is Designed To Deliver The Easiest, Safest And Most Effective Cryotherapy Treatments In The Industry.

CRYO Arctic

Built using state of the art technology and created to ensure that the client is never in direct contact with nitrogen vapors, the CRYO Arctic matches its futuristic design with the highest safety standards. The user-friendly and streamlined interface is equipped with a library of CRYO protocols to ensure a simple yet effective user journey.

Digital Touch Screen To Input Treatment Protocols. Temperature And Flow Settings.

Easy Control and Safety

CRYO Arctic has 100% breathable air environment with no client contact with nitrogen vapors. Digital touch screen to input protocols, temperature and air flow settings.

CRYO Arctic Has 100% Breathable Air Environment With No Client Contact With Nitrogen Vapors.

Adjustable Window

Device has an adjustable window in case the client would like to have his head above the air vapor. Movable window enables clients to choose between whole or partial body cryotherapy.

Whole body cryotherapy is a three minute treatment that exposes the entire body to extreme temperatures as low as -140°C in order to promote recovery, performance, wellness, beauty and weight loss benefits.

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